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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 5, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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did gwen's ex cheat on her? >> where was he before the news broke? we have the video. >> the tabloids are saying that you and your husband are having problems. >> no prenup? $150 million estate. who gets what? >> without a prenuptial agreement. >> why is reba mcintyre splitting from her husband of 26 years? >> so you got arrested. beverly hills housewife kim richards arrested again. >> cops say she was shoplifting here at target.
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did kim walk off with a car pool of $600 in goods and is she homeless? plus, we're with brooke hogan suspending her father after racist rant. >> i feel bad for my dad. taylor swift shares girl squad secrets as her big fans bust out one of taylor's hits as only he can. >> you come and pick me up, no headlights. >> "e.t." with the latest on the top stories. i guess it's a good time to be a divorce lawyer in hollywood. made this summer of splits. the biggest shocker has to be reba mcintyre. >> say it ain't so, reba. let's start with gwen stefani and gavin rossdale and why their rock 'n' roll marriage hit the rocks. this is gavin yesterday in beverly hills walking with long time friend and gwen's assistant, keith black. no ring in sight. a few hours before the shocking divorce papers filed in los
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angeles. obtained the documents that sho showed the irreconcilable differences as the cause. >> gwen worth reported $80 million and gavin worth $35 million. gwen checked the box to deny spousal support in her filing and gavin left the option open. >> because there is no prenup, there is room to maneuver said matrimonial attorney. >> seems like an open issue to be discussed, maybe for leverage reasons because he has less than gwen has. >> the split came as a huge surprise on social media especially with what gwen said last month. you and your husband are having problems. >> that's ridiculous. no, that's crazy. >> exactly. >> there are also reports that the divorce has actually been in the works for a while. >> it's also been reported that gwen had issues with how much gavin was touring saying he wasn't home enough and according to one report, gwen had some
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suspicions that gavin might have been cheating but gavin consistently denied that anything was going on. >> the couple appears amicable in the statement saying in part, quote, we are committed to jointly raising our three sons in a happy and healthy environment. gwen asked for joint legal custody of the son but the split is sad when you consider how excited gwen was in getting married. showing us her ring back in '02. >> i'm going to get married, finally. it's exciting. can you believe it? >> gwen and gavin were married just under 13 years but reba and her manager husband, 26 years married which makes their separation even more surprising. in the statement, the couple said, quote, despite this being the end, they continue to support each other and worked together for 35 years and will continue to do so. but could it get complicated knowi knowing norbell. >> he's been a successful
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manager. but keep everything together. >> there's a sad irony to reba's split too. just listen to her gush about narvel a few years ago. >> norville appreciates you very much putting up with me and being my partner, my buddy, my husband. >> it's not all break-ups in the news. de chanel had a baby and tied the knot. kim richards has been arrested again. she sat right here on our stage less than two weeks ago fresh out of rehab and told us she was determined to clean up her act. nischelle turner has the details on her latest misstep. >> arrested on suspicion of shoplifting. on sunday at about 4:25 p.m., the reality star was detained by security guard at this target store in the san fernando
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valley. a store explains richards attempted to leave the store with the car full of more than $600. released at noon on $5,000 bail but one report claims richards in her car at the time of the arrest. totally false said the source close to kim. said richards is renting a home from a friend. >> considering kim's history, a question being asked is, was she under the influence when she was arrested? kim's first husband told "e.t." exclusively, this was a clear misunderstanding. this was not alcohol or drug-related. this is kim's second recent brush with the law. this past april, she was arrested on charges of public intoxication, battery, and resisting arrest after causing a disturbance at the beverly hills hotel. she has pleaded not guilty. yesterday, kim pled not guilty
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to one count of petty theft. a pretrial hearing is set for august 20th. >> i'm an alcoholic. >> when i spoke to kim, she was painfully honest about her continuing struggle. >> i've been sober four years and sober two years and sober three and a half years and i'm an alcoholic and take a train. >> i hope for kim's sake this is just one big misunderstanding. she had a lot more to say about her struggle and the length to stay sober. that's ahead. more news to get to. drake has been all over the headlines because of his feud with nicki minaj's boyfriend, meek mill. the real life drama that took place at an after party he attended with people who lost their lives. two people dead and three others wounded in toronto getting wheeled into an ambulance by paramedics after shots fired inside the music nightclub at
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3:15 in the morning. earlier, the rap icon performed at the fest. no word whether drake was at the party when the shots rang out. turn it to brooke hogan, the daughter of wrestling champ's hulk hogan defending her dad over racist comments he made in a transcript of the sex tape. >> i don't support what he said but he's my dad. i love him. this is not how we were raised. it's not racist. >> hogan and the wwe parted ways last month. >> i feel bad for my dad but i also feel bad for the african-american fans because they don't know he didn't mean it. he was mad. he didn't know he was being taped. it's not fair. nobody would want their lowest moments to be filmed. >> brooke is in nashville on i want to be your girlfriend on september 4th. >> first thing i crafted was my own mind and hand with pottery. >> finally, a new lawsuit
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alleged that "empire's" cookie was stolen. sofia wrote a biography called the hidden hand a pitch to lee daniels before the show was created. she is suing daniel's box and the rest of the creators for stealing her story. sofia points out like cookie, she was a drug kingpin who went to jail. she claimed the hit on someone like cookie did and did time in prison for it. she writes in the complaint, cookie by taraji b. henson similar in behavior, style of dress and background as the plaintiff. neither lee daniels nor fox could be reached for comment and taraji is taking on her "empire" co-star on lip sync battle. taraji was surprised when one of her idols, mary j. blige, took the stage to perform with her.
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"lip sync battle" airs on spike. >> the mupts are coming back to tv. we talk to kermit and miss piggy and the latest james corden stunt. >> this guy is hysterical. on a vengeance. >> ymca. first, big music news today. a new elvis album is about to be released. mixed in there with famous singers of today, mario of sirius xm weekly radio channel and giving a first look. elvis remixed the sounds of the royal philharmonic. the focus, if i can dream. it's a project elvis himself always dreamed of. >> why didn't he make that album? >> i don't know if the public would have accepted that or not from him. >> featuring hits and lesser
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meryl streep, her daughter, mimi, and rick springfield rocking. the proud mom posing with her daughter. what a beautiful feeling that must be. film opens friday. meryl plays a rock star, but how's this? talks about already a movie with hugh grant in which she's an opera singer. >> it's weird to come from, you know, the queen of mozart back to rock 'n' roll world. >> meryl can do it all. so can james corden who worked with meryl on "in the woods" and now with demi lovato and the making of the late late show video. james and demi are crashing the
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office of dr. jonathan inn ggle. >> we're going to someone's place of work, no idea we're turning up and going to sing them telegrams. so for dr. engel, this is for you. >> honored raising money for the ymca. so the obvious choice for the singing telegram? >> you're an abductor. ♪ the money is raised and then will you get a mohawk ♪ >> demi and james are celebrating ordinary people with extraordinary achievements. >> we're sort of making them up on the fly and i fear that that will be evident. ♪ ymca >> i don't mean you'll see those on demi's next album. >> you never know. >> where are they going to show up next? that's what i want to know.
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you do extraordinary things and it could be. >> that's oliver, right? >> don't forget, that airs tonight on cbs. >> coming up next, we have a sexy taylor swift opening up about her closest relationships. >> it's like faded that we hang out all the time. >> will she bring her big fans captain pi card on board with her girl? >> invited to taylor swift's next slumber party? >> i'm on stand by. and more with kim richards. what the beverly hills house wife wife told us days ago. >> are you confident you can stay on the right track? >> i will never say that again. closed captioning provided by --
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check out the picture taylor swift posted with her man, calvin harris and karlie kloss in taylor's kitchen. she wanted to wish a happy 23rd
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birthday and an insight to what's going on in her life. >> i like her kitchen. looks like a good one. certainly got a lot of girlfriends and we see her with her bestie squad all the time. taylor is explaining why to "vanity fair". >> i'm obsessed with being the same place as my friends. we're always traveling. we're always in different places, but it's so weird how often we're in the same place at the same time. >> who doesn't want to be a part of swift's squad? she'll make you a cake, play dress-up and definitely throw down. >> they're a pretty wholesome bunch. emma watson, kind of the actresses. kind of models, carlie, gigi, kendall. they cook, they craft. a surprisingly sort of pg enterprise and they definitely catch up a lot. >> she never misses a birthday. >> i have a lot of birthday cards because you never know when you're going to run into somebody and it's their birthday and you can like, oh, wow, you
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gave them a birthday card five minutes later. >> now can we just get into the photo shoot for "vanity fair"? she may be 25 but the skin tight has a mature side of swift. and you know calvin harris has got to be feeling jealous of this guy. >> when i talk about where to move forward from here, brought up two people. oprah and angelina jolie, these kind of larger than life humanitarian inspirational women and those are people she sees herself as moving forward. i think she wants to be someone like that, who can be inspirational. >> want to know what inspires us? >> i'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream. >> hearing picture patrick stewart recite "blank space." transformed style into shakespeare with this dramatic reading. >> you come and pick me up no
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headlights. ♪ pick me up no headlights >> long drive. could end in burning flames, or paradise. >> a while, since i've even heard from you. >> when will you get invited to taylor swift's next slumber party? >> i'm on stand by. >> blunt talk where he plays a naughty news anchor out of control. >> take these. i've always enjoyed. >> i've never been whipped with wet towels before. i certainly never simulated snorting cocaine. i have got to do a lot of stuff that i'd never done before, certainly not on camera. >> oh, it's going to be one wild and crazy show. i love it's patrick doing it too. >> it lives up to the promo, using own head. let's get back to the story. kim richards arrest and nischelle turner, you have the chance to sit down with kim and talk about her sobriety
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recently. >> we did sit down for about an hour and discussed it all. she was very open about everything. look, i know we all had the same thought when kim got busted for shoplifting. did she fall off the wagon? we are going to take a deeper look at what kim told me about her struggle to stay sober. >> are you confident you can stay on the right track this time? >> i will never say that again. never say that again. every time you say you got this, i will say that this is a definite i work every single day at it and some days are a struggle for sure. >> kim seemed determine to hold on to her sobriety when i saw her just weeks ago. she had completed another stay in rehab but wouldn't say how long she'd been clean. >> you know how many days you've been sober? >> i do. >> how many? >> i got, that's okay. >> sarah maria is an addiction expert not treating kim but an
12:25 am
insight into the working of addiction. it's unclear if kim was intoxicated when she was arrested. >> this kind of behavior is linked to substance abuse. we often see this cross addiction process occur, so we have put aside one substance use and now we're going to a behavior like shopping, eating, gambling, that will take the place and create the euphoric feeling, the rush, the adrenaline. >> kim cited family drestressesr her last. including fellow housewife. >> i went in and got a whole lot about everybody, a whole lot about myself. just i dug deep into my past. >> kim might be struggling with coping skills. how do i cope daily with these triggers or stresses in my life which they seem like there are many for her to manage. >> the struggle to cope are very real for kim. she gave me a long list of
12:26 am
professionals she turns to help keep her sober. >> my psychiatrist and my life coach, big on meditating. i got a great meditation girl. you know, i just couldn't do it without a few of these people. my acupuncturist girl. i do acupuncture. >> what will it take for kim to stay clean? >> at this point in kim's life, find recovery that sticks and will work for her. minding out who kim is, to find her true purpose in the longing. >> we just want her to be okay. kim told me that bravo was begging her to return to "the real housewives of beverly hills" but wouldn't give a straight answer on whether she wants to go back. maybe that was a negotiation for the show. >> reality tv hurt more people than helped. >> maybe stay away from reality tv. stay with us. our kermit and miss piggy planning to join kerry washington on "scandal"?
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split? you can find out in star shots gallery on "e.t." online. tv guide got kermit and miss piggy to talk about the tv series the muppet. >> it's two shows in one. it follows the muppets as they produce a late night show up late with miss piggy. >> to my knowledge, we're trying something never done in the history of television and that is doing two shows at the same time. >> yes, well, too much of a star for one show. >> yeah, something like that. >> and the muppets should be everywhere on tv. >> name a show?
12:30 am
>> "scandal". >> "scandal." yes, that one definitely does it. >> i think probably "dancing with the stars." we are wonderful dancers. >> the muppets premieres september 22nd on abc. >> good-bye, everybody. terrible. gwen stefani and gavin are divorcing. >> we've been together for so long. >> don't speak. news has social media sitting with hopeless romantics everywhere hoping. >> just because gwen and gavin broke up doesn't mean love is dead. and then donald, presidential forum. but his tweet keep him surging in the poll. >> i'm number one with the hispanics. and


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